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T3 - Life Road

Starting . € 199.000

T3 - National Championship

Starting . € 210.000

T3 - Max (FIA)

Starting . € 215.000

Our Models

DNA Racing

It's a UTV born to race, designed to be the protagonist of the most thrilling and interesting races in the world. This UTV takes you to experience the most extreme and adrenaline-pumping four-wheel adventures. All of its components are race-specific, meticulously designed, and rigorously tested in racing conditions, surpassing the efficiency of any other product on the market. There are three models that only differ in some external, regulatory components, ensuring that the Taurus DNA is never compromised


Dimensions 3.60 m x 2.10 m x 1.80 m
Weight: 950 kg width 50/50 distribution
Chassis: Tubular frame with high strength steel
Max speed: 135 km/h - Fia limitation


ECU Specific engine management with mode selection
Gearbox 5 Sequential speeds with reverse
Power 130 kw / 177 hp with RON 98 Fuel
Engine L3 1.0 L Fuel turbo

Transmission 4x4 Drive

Transmission 4x4 drive Front & rear differential
Rim 32’ Brain or KMC
Suspension Double wishbones on 04 wheels
Shock absorbers 440 mm travel with specific set up / Reiger & Optional
Wheels 15´ forged aluminum rim with 32’ off road tires T1 / BF Goodrich & Optional
Fuel tank 130 L capacity with redundancy & buffer tank
Dashboards Digital screens with all racing functions
Body Full carbon
Brakes 011’ discs with 04 piston calipers on 04 wheels

Manufacturing & Spare Parts

Wevers Sport Car developer & official worldwide distributor of parts.
Safty Equipment Sparco or OMP Carbon Line (T3 Live Road Fiber Line)
EMCE-5 Car Developer
Tubular Chassis Customer chooses colours
Branding 100% branded delivery

Unique value

Access to all spare parts without restrictions or quality differences in real time.


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